Jamie Woon - Night Air, no sudoeste tmn 2011

"Night air has the strangest flavor
Space to breathe it, time to savor
All that night air has to lend me
Till the morning makes me angry
In the night air

I’ve acquired a kind of madness
Daylight fills my heart with sadness
And only silent skies can sooth me
Feel that night air flowing through me
In the night air

I don’t need those car crash colors
I control the skies above us
Close my eyes to make the night fall
Comfort of the world revolving
I can hear the earth in orbit
In the night air

I’ve acquired a taste for silence
Darkness fills my heart with comfort
And each thought like a thief is driven
To steal the night air from the heavens
In the night air"

Jamie Woon tem actuação marcada para o dia 4 de Agosto no Palco Jogos Santa Casa Planeta Sudoeste, no festival sudoeste tmn 2011. A não perder :P

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